Transformation Through Movement


Movement is life – moving well is a better life – moving optimally is a transformed life.

Scientific studies have shown that our brain processes vast amounts of information in any given moment, but that just a tiny sliver of that information is passed to our consciousness. Most of the processing occurs through our senses, what we see, feel, hear, taste, smell and touch. Our senses are activated by movement which means that most of our learning occurs through movement. We can also confirm this is so by watching how babies develop and observing nature. Any organism that does not move, such as a tree or an inanimate creature, does not require a brain or nervous system.

As we become adults we learn to disconnect from how it feels to move and begin the slow process of declining as we age. Our approach is to reverse the decline and reconnect with what it feels like to move in balance, according to how your body is designed to move. As you move again with ease your world improves as you expand what you know and learn new skills effortlessly, excelling and transforming your life.

We show you how to move according to your body design because when you move with minimal effort, your brain can easily register differences between various movement options and choose the one that is most efficient. As your movements become more efficient, effortless and easeful the information that is passed to your consciousness will be of optimal quality enhancing creativity, originality and intellectual capacity.

The benefits of our approach are:

– Change your body shape – as your muscles conform to the contours of your skeleton you move and  look more beautiful, elegant and graceful.

– Improve intellectually as your thinking reflects the better balance, coordination and agility of your movements.

– Feel emotionally balanced as you gain clarity and become less reactive in all that you do.

– Enhance your spiritual life by becoming more quiet, contemplative and at ease in your body and mind.

– Some people have even reduced high blood pressure.

– Better blood flow leads to higher oxygenation of the entire system often resulting in less headaches, cramping, stress, toxicity and more.

All learning is based on how our structure is designed to balance for movement in gravity.

Peak performance
Integrate your thinking brain with how it feels to move optimally and you reach the zone – focus, technique and performance is optimal and effortless. You are fully present and at your peak.

Resolve pain 
Anyone with the capacity to move can learn to move more optimally, intelligently and joyfully through life. The goal of optimal movement is a healthy body and sound mind free from pain or limitation.

Regain functionality
Anyone who has had a stroke, brain injury or other neurological damage can regain functionality through intelligent movement learning that integrates the parts of you that are missing from your awareness. As you regain functionality your intellectual capacity increases just as it did when you were a young child.

Move beyond cellular memory
Movement affects cellular and conscious memory of injury sites, emotional trauma and more. We work to ‘normalize’ damaged and injured tissue, address function so that you are no longer moving like you are injured, which removes the emotional charge from your memories.

Conscious living
This learning is also a path to spiritual growth. This may seem counter-intuitive, because Western tradition tends to draw a line between body and mind and typically encourages us to think of our bodies as the “least spiritual” part of us.
Others such as Eckhart Tolle say enlightenment occurs from inner body awareness. Our approach further defines enlightenment as attained through optimal movement that leads to total awareness (inner body) in every moment (being present) and is potentially the shortest route to the spirit.

Our body always exists in the “now,” so becoming aware of how it feels to move shifts our attention to the present,  to reality. Our body is the essential link to becoming fully present in each moment of our lives. And when we are fully present – undistracted by thoughts of the past or future – we can remember our goals, priorities and our ability to choose. The present is where we are able to see things as they are and take responsibility.

Exploring and improving movement quality helps us connect to others. If you are not open to how it feels to move within you, you cannot be open to the life within someone else. If you cannot feel your body, you cannot fully connect to another person and another body. Balanced, centered movement is an approach you take toward life. From this place you are ready to bring more of you into relationships, work, play and spirit.

People who benefit range from:

It’s never too early or late – our clients range from 6 weeks old to 91 years! The practices are NOT EXERCISES so you can do them while watching TV, cooking, cleaning, brushing your teeth, sitting at the computer, meditating, in short, during any activity. 

“We have a brain for one reason only —
to produce adaptable and complex movements.”
— Daniel Wolpert, Neuroscientist

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