1 Weird Trick To A Flat Belly

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No more yucky crunches or desperately holding the belly in – just do this one weird trick and your tummy will become flat! Too good to be true? Maybe. It is true that if you are not overweight but your belly sticks out it will become flatter. It is also true if you are overweight and your belly looks like you are 8 months pregnant you will no longer look pregnant but your belly will become flaps of fat hanging down over your belt. That is the reality, but at least you won’t look pregnant.

Here is the 1 weird trick: Breathe from your diaphragm.

Do you believe you breathe from your diaphragm? Let’s see if you do: Inhale. Did your belly go in or out when you inhaled. If it went in put your hand on the belly muscles just below the ribs and breathe in. Did they get sucked in too or did they go out? If they went out you are NOT using your diaphragm to breathe.

Try this: Jump up in the air once. Did you breathe? No, why ever not? Try again. Did you breathe this time? If so, did your belly go out? Push the belly out and inhale to jump. Jump and inhale without pushing the belly out. Which way allows you to jump higher? Jump up and down many times until you are breathing hard. Is your chest heaving and are you breathing differently than before – much higher in your chest than before? Now you are beginning to feel how to breathe using your diaphragm. There is just one snag, you might also still be using your chest and upper belly muscles.

Try this: Exhale, then suck in your belly without inhaling. Keep sucking it in without breathing until your brain triggers a breath. The diaphragm is a voluntary and involuntary muscle. For example if you pass out your brain triggers breathing for you  – that is involuntary. By consciously not breathing in you trigger the involuntary mechanism in your brain – and it ONLY triggers the diaphragm muscle. When you are suddenly startled or surprised that is another example of your brain triggering a breath involuntarily. These techniques should help you feel what it is to breathe ONLY from the diaphragm.

Try sucking in your belly and continue sucking it in as you simultaneously breathe. Now walk around, keep your belly sucked in and simultaneously breathe. Easy? Is your walk stiff? Exactly, now you know why you are stiff – contracted bellies equal stiff movements. Contrary to popular myth among many exercise modalities a contracted belly does not make it flat nor does it make you stronger, it actually weakens you. Additionally a contracted belly does not solve back pain, learning how to organize your skeletal structure to balance upon itself in movement resolves back pain.

Ok, this is your one weird tip of the day to get a flat(ter) belly. If you want to improve how you move overall go to our website for more tips on releasing tight hamstrings, moving in centered balance and more at www.somasynci.com.

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